Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Commission

The City of Buffalo, North Dakota, established the City of Buffalo Historic Preservation Commission (CBHPC) in 2001.  A five member advisory commission was established in order to qualify as a Certified Local Government (CLG) under the National Historic Preservation Act that was amended in 1980.

Our CLG advises the City of Buffalo and its residents on matters of preservation and insures that the preservation of the history of Buffalo is considered at all levels of local government.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Buffalo Historic Preservation Commission is to educate citizens and groups about the importance of the preservation of our shared cultural historic sites and structures within the City of Buffalo.  We will provide leadership in promoting preservation, assist wherever possible in the preservation, and play a viable roll in the economic development and quality of life in Buffalo, North Dakota

How Can I Benefit?

The CBHPC educates citizens on the importance of the preservation of historic sites and all forms of historic preservation.  We sponsor programs of interest regarding preservation to the community, and form partnerships with groups and individuals associated with preservation.

Any individual, family, or organization that owns historic property in the City of Buffalo is eligible for assistance in preservation of their historic property.  The CBHPC can assist you in listing your property on the National Register of Historic Places, provide technical and cultural resources for preservation, and may also make grant funds available for restoration projects.

Where Do Funds come from?

The CBHPC operates on grants from the federal government through the National Park Service.

We have received supplemental support from the City of Buffalo and the First State Bank of North Dakota in Buffalo by providing assistance and supplies for our ongoing operation.

Preservation is ultimately local, and we depend on the support of our citizens to help us preserve all of our irreplaceable historic buildings and treasures.  Without this support, our federal funding would not be available as all grants require a 40% match.  You can support us through attending our programs, assisting us with restoration and preservation projects, and providing donations of your time and financial resources.

When does the CBHPC meet?

The CBHPC meets quarterly and at other times as needed in order to facilitate our programs.  All meetings are held in the Buffalo Community Center and are open to the public.  As required, all meetings are posted and minutes of our meetings are available in the City Office.  Please contact any commission members for the next meeting date and time, or check the local site  (www.buffalond.com) for more information about meetings and projects.


Name Position Contact Service
Bill Marcks Chairman 701-213-5403 14 years, 7 conferences
Liane Stout Coordinator 701-412-4485 12 years, 7 conferences
Vacancy Member    
Lois Smith Honorary Member   17 years, 13 conferences
Alan Dostert AIA Architect 701-261-9589 13 years, 4 conferences 


Come Visit Buffalo's 15 Historic Properties

The 4 page brochure attached has been compiled by the City of Buffalo's Historic Preservation Committee.