Maple Valley School District

Maple Valley Public School is located in Tower City and serves grades K-12 for the communities of Tower City, Buffalo, Fingal, Oriska and surrounding communities.  The school was built in 1952 with an addition constructed in 2013.  The most recent addition (2017) included the construction of a new K-4 elementary wing, commons area, kitchen, administration offices and remodel to several classrooms.

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 Maple Valley Dollars for Scholars

Daily Winners February 2024:

$ Amount
February 1  $150   
February 2 $50  
February 3 $100   
February 5 $50   
February 6 $50   
February 7 $50   
February 8 $50  
February 9 $50   
February 10 $100   
February 12 $50   
February 13 $50   
February 14 $150   
February 15 $50   
February 16 $50   
February 17 $100  
February 19 $50  
February 20 $50  
February 21 $50  
February 22 $50  
February 23 $50  
February 24 $100  
February 26 $50  
February 27 $50  
February 28 $50  
February 29 $250  


THANKS TO EVERYONE for supporting the Maple Valley Dollars For Scholars program. Raffle ticket drawings are held in February of each year. Drawings take place at the Buffalo Food Market and are also posted there.


Maple Valley Parents Parents - MVP

Parent/ Teacher organization with the primary focus of helping provide amazing experiences for the students, parents, and teachers of Maple Valley Public School.

The Maple Valley Parents Group is an organization whose main purpose is to support all Maple Valley student activities, to promote a healthy environment, and attitudes for our youth.  Our aim is to encourage growth and interest in these areas by supporting them in a sportsmanlike manner and upgrading equipment or supply financial funds for needed improvements.  The club does not receive any money from the school district or through taxes.

The Maple Valley Parents Group is open to anyone.  You do not have to have a child in activities or in school to be a member.  The Maple Valley teams reflect our entire community and your support and participation is needed to be successful.

The Maple Valley Parents Group is a non-profit organization.

Maple Valley Parents - MVP Website

Maple Valley Parents - MVP Facebook Page



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