Only 35 minutes west of Fargo, ND

Buffalo, North Dakota


Buffalo Fire Dept & Area Quick Response Unit, Inc.

Currently there are 29 active volunteer firemen on the roster. Officers consist of a chief, two assistant chiefs, secretary-treasurer, hazmat, vehicle maintenance, communications, equipment, safety and training. Though separate, the fire department houses the Buffalo Area Quick Response Unit. Two firemen are EMT Basic trained with nine others BLS certified.

The area's QRU includes members from Tower City and responds to calls in and around communities such as Embden, Alice, Ayr, and Absaraka. Formerly known as the First Responders, the squad became

a state-certified, incorporated unit. This is of great benefit to all communities involved.

It is with great honor that we volunteer to serve our community and outlying areas. Through the years we have had overwhelming support from our community and greatly appreciate their acknowledgements of gratitude.



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