Only 35 minutes west of Fargo, ND

Buffalo, North Dakota


Raffle Winners 2017

Presented by: Buffalo Economic Improvement

for the Benefit of Buffalo Food Market

May 1$150Karen Tabor
May 2$50Grieger Sales
May 3$50Becky Dahl
May 4$50Jan Kasowski
May 5$50Lora Killoran
May 6$100Marian Kasowski
May 8$50Marlin Severson
May 9$50Mike Kasowski
May 10$50Jodi Peterson
May 11$50Colleen Buhr
May 12$50Harold Kasowski
May 13$100Sara Zaun
May 15$50Colleen Buhr
May 16$50Shayla Hurt
May 17$50Dustin Peterson
May 18$50Marsha Kasowski
May 19$50Estelle Hanson
May 20$100Marian Kasowski
May 22$50Randy Mundt
May 23$50Ron Fraase
May 24$50Josh Holm
May 25$50Eric Olson and Michelle Wimer
May 26$50Jo Boyd
May 27$100Ben Fletcher
May 29$50Colleen Buhr
May 30$250Penny Zaun
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