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Buffalo, North Dakota
Only 35 minutes west of Fargo, ND

September 2013 Updates

The Buffalo Historical Society has been very busy the past twelve months since our 2012 annual meeting last October. Our success would not be possible without the many, many volunteers who have donated their time and talents, as well as providing financial support for our many fundraising events; and we say thank you! Here is our year in review:

2012: Planned and prepared a major fund raising event as we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Old School Supper, serving the traditional lefse and lutefisk.

November 2012: Hosted an Appreciation Reception for our many volunteers at the Buffalo High School.

December 2012: Celebrated Christmas on Pearl Street with an Open House and Holiday Brunch at the Buffalo High School.

January 2013: Worked with the Historic Preservation Commission to prepare a 2013 CLG Grant application for attic insulation, electrical work and mechanical projects on the upper level of the Buffalo High School.

February 2013: Assisted Architect Alan Dostert with the Assessment Survey for the 2012 CLG Grant to locate photos and necessary data for the three historical properties owned by the Buffalo Historical Society.

March 2013: Organized the clean up and debris removal from the lower and upper levels of the Buffalo High School as part of the process for the survey assessment of the building.

April 2013: Coordinated with the Historic Preservation Commission to host an architectural sketching class at the Buffalo High School, taught by Architect Alan Dostert.

May 2013: Assisted with the completion of a data base of all graduates of Buffalo High School from 1936 to 1978 and worked on a mailing to all alumni about upcoming summer activities in Buffalo and an update from the Buffalo Historical Society.

June 2013: Celebrated summer by organizing a community flower and vegetable garden in the front of the High School and planting flowers at the Old Stone Church and Rectory.

July 2013: Celebrated the 4th of July with a picnic and live music on the lawn of the High School. Planned and hosted the Annual Buffalo High School Homecoming event, featuring a homemade pie auction which generated over $7,000 for the continuing renovations at the high school.

August 2013: Worked with the Historical Preservation Commission on a 2013 Cultural Heritage Grant application for additional funding to complete the mechanical project on the upper level of the High School.

September 2013: Received notification to begin the electrical work on the upper level of the High School with funds from the 2013 CLG Grant submitted by the Historical Preservation Commission.

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